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Mark Gilboard

WESST is a home for entrepreneurs, founded in 1989 by women for women. As a non-profit, we offer consulting, training, and lending to anyone with the passion to start or grow a business. Our committed team nurtures thousands of clients each year to help them build strong and sustainable businesses that support their families and communities throughout New Mexico.


FatPipe ABQ



Lisa J Adkins

New Mexico's premier coworking spaces. Flexible office space, meeting areas, events, and classes in an atmosphere conducive to enabling the success of your business.


Albuquerque Community Foundation



Randy Royster

For nonprofits, startups and local businesses alike, success is closely linked to a local economy. If other local businesses are doing well, that’s good for all of us. If the local economy is struggling, however, small organizations and nonprofits are often the hardest hit. That is why the ACF has decided to launch a sixth field-of-interest fund: Economic and Workforce Development. To succeed, we need your help to build this fund so that together, we can help build a better future for New Mexico businesses and workforce.
The Foundation’s goal is to support intentional, inventive efforts to ensure a strong local economy. The new field promotes social, economic and environmental growth by supporting innovative support systems for entrepreneurs and the state’s workforce. In a thriving local economy, businesses focus on collaboration instead of competition. This shift helps ensure that they, their peers and their employees have a strong future by allowing individuals and businesses to offer support for local businesses. An added benefit is the creation of new relationships between business owners. Such relationships are vital to make social, economic and environmental gains for New Mexico.


Rio Grande Community Development Corporation



Josue Olivares

Since 1986, the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation has been working with our neighbors, colleagues, partners and friends in the South Valley to effect change.

The RGCDC’s mission has been to pursue community-wide healthy economic and social development that enriches traditional cultural values and historical uses of the land while supporting the peoples’ voice in development and reducing poverty through entrepreneurial enterprise.

Today, you will find the RGCDC thriving through its two divisions of programming. The Economic Development Division working through programs such as the South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC) focusing on local economic/business development, Delicious New Mexico (DNM) focusing on local distribution services and the Nonprofit Capacity Support Division working through programs such as Social Impact through Nonprofit Community (SINC) focusing on non-profit capacity building through comprehensive fiscal sponsorship services.





John Freisinger

InnovateABQ is a public-private partnership created to develop a 7-acre innovation district in downtown Albuquerque to foster economic development and job creation in New Mexico. The site is intended to help put the region on a path to higher growth by improving the productivity of people and firms in ways that lead to better incomes and living standards for all.

This vision includes more than 720,000 square feet of physically-compact, technically-wired, walkable space devoted to bringing together initiatives from New Mexico’s innovators to foster the creation of long-term, job-creating ventures and increase access to opportunity for the entire community. See our latest News for up to date information, and Contact us today to find out more!


UNM Anderson School


Dr. Walsh

The field of Management of Technology (MOT) develops professionals who allow large and small firms in the public and private sectors to excel in a technology-based economy.

Engaging in New Mexico economic development activities and generating world-class research in technology commercialization, the Anderson MOT program was recently ranked number 6 in the US among technology management programs and in the top 50 worldwide by the International Association of Management of Technology (IAMOT).


City Alive



Robin Brulé

City Alive is a collective impact initiative, meaning we bring people together from all different walks—from government and philanthropy, to business and education leaders, to heads of nonprofits—to support the people who are growing jobs right here at home. We’re not a business. We’re not an organization. We’re not a nonprofit. We are a group of committed leaders dedicated to collaborating to close the gap in business ownership and leadership with a focus on people of color.


ABQid | powered by CNM Ingenuity



TJ Cook

ABQid supports the amazing entrepreneurs that are in our community and we are committed to helping them build great businesses that create jobs in New Mexico. ABQid democratizes entrepreneurship by providing entrepreneurs with the knowledge, power, resources and network they need to be successful.

The Lean Startup is the basis of our curriculum because it’s a methodology that gives entrepreneurs an effective way to test out products with users for critical feedback; helps refine their business model to achieve product market fit and ultimately builds products that a core set of users love.


Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Expo



Albuquerque Community Foundation

E3 is an opportunity to bring together entrepreneurs, entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), investors, partners, companies, mentors—i.e. people – to share their work and ideas and build connections within Albuquerque’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Due to the success of E3 in its 2019 pilot year, future bi-monthly events will showcase new ideas and opportunities and the progress that has been made in building this ecosystem. E3 serves as a learning/networking experience for all who attend.


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